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Transcendential Rock n’ Roll

“Music is the temple,” states John Shannon, co-front man for transcendental rock band The Shift. Together with co-frontman Nick Cassarino, they resemble a modern day John and Paul of sorts, with each their own distinct approach to songwriting. Shannon’s vocals seem the soft whispers of some rogue angle, lovingly feeding secrets of the divine and mysterious into the ears of listeners. Cassarino sings with the soulful, throaty swagger of a seasoned blues man, who’s unstated mission is to channel all the rawness of humanity: the blood, the sweat, the tears, and the soaring joy of being alive. Shannon and Cassarino are also masters of the six string in their own right. Shannon deftly plucks forth melodies which weave together tangible landscapes of color and texture, while Cassarino shatters the world around him like an untamed beast in a glass house, shredding away ravenously like a man possessed. Add to the the mix bassist Benjamin Geis, whose poignant, crystalline bass licks provide a sturdy vibrational foundation; and drummer Matt Lambert, a truly explosive talent and the very definition of “in the pocket,” capable of both the smallest, most sophisticated hits (raindrops on the roof, rats in the walls), and hits so huge one risks the momentary deaf whine of shell shock when standing close to the stage. While The Shift is clearly a rock band first and foremost, they seek to stir awake the long dormant souls of listeners, to rekindle the curiosity and wonder for the unseen universe that exists in and around and beyond this world of dirt and concrete and walls. After all, The Shift is not only a change in how we listen, but how we SEE. The journey begins soon. Are you ready for The Shift?

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“True North” [Official Video]


“The Rain” Live at Radio Bean

“True North” Live at Radio Bean